How the countries of the world celebrate the "New Year"

Fans of fireworks and celebrations across the world have waited for the countdown to enter the new world, and although the way the celebrations across many countries are similar through fireworks when the zero-hours comes, it will not celebrate it simultaneously.

the geographical location of the country

It is the geographical location of the country, depending on its proximity or distance from the Greenwich Line, which determines the date for entering the new year.

If the countries located in the far west of the globe are the last countries to receive for the new year, the countries in the far east will be the first to deposit 2019.

New Zealand and Australia are preparing to celebrate New Year's 2020.

New Zealand, located in the far east of the Indian Ocean, is the first major country in the world to receive the New Year.

New Zealand is 13 hours ahead of the rest of the world, ahead of the Greenwich Line.

However, there is a small country in the northeast of New Zealand that precedes New Zealand and is the first country in the world to come to the New Year, which is the Samoan country that follows the timing (+14 hours GMT).

Many countries of the world celebrated the New Year 2020

the most prominent of which was the celebration of the United Arab Emirates while ago. 

Dubai TV in the Emirates has announced its direct and exclusive transfer of New Year celebrations 2020, through a special events on the air directly from several locations in the Emirate of Dubai, in addition to transferring the events of the celebrations on this occasion from many capitals and international cities.


the most prominent celebrations

And during the following lines, we publish the most prominent celebrations of the world’s New Year 2020.

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