Why do they love Mohamed Salah?

Why do they love Mohamed Salah?

In fact, I am more interested in what Salah does on the field
And what Salah does to people. I am very pleased with the sweeping love that Salah meets in every event.
for me, Salah personally represents an exceptional case with all the word literally means.

What motivated me to say this:

 is a video clip of Liverpool fans chanting with great enthusiasm for Salah at Liverpool Anfield Stadium.
It was surprising to me that the scene captured me, and made me summon all that I think of as a non-Egyptian young man, about his love for Salah, 
or see an article or video clip, revealing the shocking impact of Muhammad Salah on the hearts of people that they will chant with great enthusiasm

All this unique passion for Salah, made me wonder:

 Is Salah now visible and ending? I hope you are not. I hope I will disappoint, but I am thinking logically about its causes.
But the real reason is simplicity that is not devoid of this childish passion, perhaps, as its performance in it may be the cause of this passion and the sweeping love of his condition .. perhaps.
 But I always think that Salah is one of those who consistently scored beautiful goals, I also love watching them in the videos of the most beautiful goals, not all of them enjoyed what Salah had, or what we had with Salah.
It is true that Salah achieved numbers and titles. But is it really and only, a good and logical reason for Salah to be full of hearing and sight,
 if that was so I wish for him to maintain his lead, even though 

I do not think that this alone is a reason in this case.

I also think that perhaps what made Salah this force, with the position he occupied among large audiences, is that he does not represent an iconic model, as Salah is a player who is very apparent,
 but he is also a youth enthusiastic about life, who does not claim preference, nor is he close to profiling.
 Does this make it close to the heart? Probably.

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